Latest publications:

Király, G. – Köves, A. (2023) Facing finitude: Death-awareness and sustainable transitions. Ecological Economics, 205(107729). 1-8.

Király, G. – Géring, Zs. – Tamássy, R. (2023) Future and agency frames: how business schools construct the term future and what they claim to do about it? Journal of Futures Studies, 28(1), 41-54.

Géring Z. – Tamássy R. – Király G. – Rakovics M. (2023) The portrayal of the future as legitimacy construction. Discursive strategies in highly ranked business schools’ external communication. Higher Education, 85(4), 775-793.

Tamássy, R., Géring, Zs., Király, G., Plugor, R., & Rakovics, M. (2023) The portrayal of the role and agency of students and higher education institutions in highly ranked business school discourses. Journal of International Education in Business

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