Future and agency frames – new article in a high-ranking journal

Gábor Király, Zsuzsanna Géring and Réka Tamássy published a new article entitled Future and agency frames: how business schools construct the term future and what they claim to do about it?’ in the Journal of Futures Studies (Q2).

In the article, the researchers analysed the Times Higher Education 2019 Top 100 business schools’ online texts to reveal how higher education institutions discursively construct the future and how do they see their own role in it.

Király and his colleagues applied qualitative textual analysis on the schools’ ‘about us’ text and found six agency frames through which the institutions defined their role and agency regarding the future. The six found agency frames are (a) preparing, (b) shaping, (c) responsibility, (d) exploring, (e) personal futures, and (f) adapting.

The article can be found here.