The leaders of FHERC were guests at University of Nottingham

The director of FHERC, Zsuzsanna Géring, and the scientific director, Gábor Király, were invited by the ‘School of Education’ institute of the University of Nottingham.

During the visit, they held methodological and professional workshops in connection with the research being carried out at the center. In addition, they also participated in a meeting of the higher education research group operating within the School of Education institute, where they discussed possible research collaborations. Furthermore, they shared their experiences on the process and management of the transformation from a research group to a research center, since the research group in Nottingham also is in the process of becoming a research centre, and they are currently developing their portfolio and operational frameworks.

According to the plans, the two research centers will continue to cooperate closely, which can be ensured on the one hand by the fact that Gábor Király has the title of Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham, and on the other hand, Rita Hordósy, who is one of the leaders of the Nottingham higher education research group and the main organizer of the visit, is at the same time external member of FHERC.