FHERC researcher attends CLADAG conference for the first time

The CLAssification and Data Analysis Group (CLADAG) of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes advanced methodological research in multivariate statistics with a special vocation in Data Analysis and Classification. Since 1997, the organisation has held international conference biennially with hundreds of participants to support the interchange of ideas in these fields of research, including the dissemination of concepts, numerical methods, algorithms, computational and applied results. This year the conference took place on the campus of Salerno University from 11th to 13th of September. Most of the presentations at the conference were related to
machine learning, network analysis and other big data analytics. Plenary speakers were e.g. Francesco Bartolucci, from the University of Perugia, known for his publications on latent variable models and longitudinal data, and Sofia Charlotta Olhede, from EPFL in Switzerland, known for her studies on stochastic processes, time series, random fields and networks.

Ildikó Dén-Nagy, research fellow at the Department of Leadership and Human Resource Development and Future of Higher Education Research Centre (FHERC) represented the research team of BBU and the Krakow University of Economics (UEK). With her presentation and participation in the conference, not only our university but also Hungary joined this advances-level research community. The presentation took place in the section of “Statistical learning methods in finance and business” with the title of “The comparative analysis of publication activity in Hungary and Poland in the field of economics, finance and business”.

This conference was an important milestone in the cooperation between the two universities, the Department of Computing Systems at the UEK and the FHERC, but the work does not stop there. The research group, which also includes Paweł Lula (UEK), Norbert Magyar (BGE KVIK), Zsuzsanna Géring (BGE FHERC), Réka Tamássy (BGE FHERC), and Magdalena Talaga (UEK), will continue their work together with even greater vigour.

The next CLADAG conference will be held in Sardinia in 2025.