New publication in an international case study book

Zsuzsanna Géring, head of the FHERC, prepared a case study on the student Mentoring Program running at the BBS FFA faculty, which was included in a renowned international volume, among selected initiatives supporting students from around the world.

In August, “Transferring Lives at the Institutional Level. Equity Promotion Initiatives Across the World” book was published. This is a book that specifically collected higher education initiatives supporting student success and equality from around the world. Among the four programs selected for the Central and Eastern Europe chapter was a short analysis presenting the Mentoring Program running at FFA, written by Zsuzsanna Géring (Center for Excellence in the Future of Higher Education).
The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to help newly admitted students navigate and integrate into the community. Its peculiarity is that it is run almost entirely by senior students, with minimal help from teachers and the support of faculty and university management. As presented in the volume:

“This initiative recognized the students’ need to belong to a community and was able to respond to this with a project where the lecturers, as facilitators, created a space for the students to build

and develop their own community, their own values and relationships.”

The Mentoring Program has been operating at the FFA faculty since 2019 and is becoming more and more successful and popular among students. This also justifies the fact that there are plans to expand it to the entire university.

The volume is open, available for free: