Two FHERC members joined the newly formed MTA Higher Education Pedagogy Subcommittee

The head of our research centre, Zsuzsanna Géring, and our senior researcher Gergely Kováts (CUB – NFKK) joined the Higher Education Pedagogy Subcommittee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as members.

The subcommittee operates within the framework of the Pedagogical Science Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, chaired by Helga Dorner (ELTE), secretary Ida Dringo-Horváth (KRE).

Among the goals of the Subcommittee is to encourage Hungarian higher education-pedagogical research and research-based development, to involve young researchers in the activities of the scientific community, and to coordinate the cooperation of research teams and research centers represented by the members of the Subcommittee.

In addition, it strives to encourage international research collaborations in the field of higher education pedagogy and to initiate joint professional programs with other subcommittees and regional committees.

Furthermore, it contributes to the regular publication and dissemination of the results of higher education-pedagogical research and development work in domestic and international scientific and professional forums.