Award-winning publications

Two articles published by members of our Research Centre have been awarded the Publication Award of the Committee on Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, IX Section of Economics and Law.

Sára Csillag, Gábor Király, Márton Rakovics, and Zsuzsanna Géring’s article won the second-place award of the Committee’s Publication Award. Their article, entitled Agents for sustainable futures? The (un­fulfilled) promise of sustainability at leading business schools was published in the journal Futures. In their research, our colleagues analysed the external communication of highly ranked business schools, focusing on the portrayal of sustainability. The publication is available in English here.

The third place (shared) was awarded to Zsuzsanna Géring, Réka Tamássy, Gábor Király, and Márton Rakovics for their paper The portrayal of the future as legitimacy construction: discursive strategies in highly ranked business schools’ external communication, published in the journal Higher Education. In this research, the researchers focused on the discursive construction of the future in the external communication of highly ranked business schools. The article can be downloaded in English here.


Congratulations to the members of our Research Centre!