We organized our first intensive weekly courses

On the occasion of the university project week, we also organized two courses led by researchers and lecturers affiliated with the FHERC, related to the topics and methodologies of the Research Centre.

One of the courses was organised, on the subject of ’How can be studied and described the fresh graduated work life after university?’ Through expert interviews with invited distinguished guests, our students gained insights into the labour market situation of young graduates, while developing their qualitative methodological skills. Align with the order of the lectures, we are grateful to Jolán Velencei, Tünde Tóth-Téglás and Anett Andicsku. The event is supported by the FHERC, namely by Anita Kolnhofer-Derecskei and Regina Reicher.


Our other training course was entitled ‘Textual analysis in the investigation of organizational communication’. Here, students were introduced to the main methodological issues related to the collection and analysis of web texts and three different text-analysis methods. What’s more, during the course they not only received fresh examples through current research of the Research Centre, but also tried out the different methodologies themselves.